Frequently Asked Questions

So what exactly is Political creative?

It’s the same as any creative but focused on taking your message and creating impactful, memorable forms of communication aimed at your potential voters or supporters. One distinct advantage I bring is the understanding¬† that there are unique time and budget constraints in politics that must be considered without affecting the work.

Can you work remotely?

Yes. While there are advantage to in-person meetings, I am most effective working remotely so that there are few obstacles to getting your work out swiftly. This also allows me to work with clients across the nation.

How will you work with my existing team?

Most of my experience is working with large, complex teams. I also understand the hiearchy that is common in political campaigns and respect the efforts and decisons of the your teams leadership.

How much does this cost?

My experience and proficiency allows ne to kee my fees extremely low. Along with my Quick Start Package options, I can price individual projects within your budget requirements.

Can I re-use work that you have done for me?

Of course. You own all the finished work I execute. Upon request, I will turn over all native files. I also archive all your work and can usually retrieve it years later. I do not charge for this and I often can make minor updates for you at no charge. 

Do you have a list of all the services you perform?

My list is your list. By that I mean, whatever you require, I will get done. My philosphy is to not let anything stop you from getting what you need to run a successful campaign. If it’s not something I can perform in-house, I have a deep pool of resources I cultivated over my career to draw upon.

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